The Livingston Family Chapter 1

Welcome to the first chapter of the Livingston Legacy.

09-08-14_8-12 AM

Meet Cara Livingston, a young female adult who just moved into a new town. She loves the outdoors and is a self assured genius. Her greatest wish in life is to become a Nerd Brain.

09-08-14_8-30 AM-2 09-08-14_8-30 AMAnd because I was in a state of “OOOH Shiny!”, “Pretty” and “What is happening?”, I forgot to take most of the pictures that are supposed to be here at the beginning, and I forgot to hide the plumbob most of the time (and the cheat to hide it all the time doesn’t work for me), so that one is also visible in quite a few pictures.

Cara begins with a basic legacy starter home. Just some bare walls to put the loo against, a bed, a fridge, a basin, a counter and two lights.

Because this is not a lot to live on, she decided to get a job, she chose to become an astronaut.
One of the first things she did after signing up for her job, was to go to the park and look for any plants and rocks she could find.
There weren’t any plants ready to be harvested yet, and the number of rocks she could dig up was very low, but there was a handsome man there she spend some time chatting with.
After the visit to the park she went to the library where she studied some logic by reading a book and playing chess. This is where she met that handsome stranger from the park again, Eddie. He seemed like a decent bloke, even though he was hard to befriend. When he had to leave for pressing business, Cara went to go and explore the surroundings. There were several rocks which had some goodies hidden beneath them, and a couple of frogs she was able to catch. The frogs will be a method to get extra money. You can breed them several times a day if you remember, and they sell for $35. At the beginning, all this extra money will be very welcome.

Several days later with a lot of talking and meeting Eddie in person and humiliating herself because of what she said, Cara was finally able to ask Eddie to move in with her which he promptly did. He brought in about $20,000.

Eddie is a neat, cheerful and domestic perfectionist who’s biggest which is life is to have a big happy family, he has no job, has one point in charisma and video gaming, is level five in logic. He is a bit older than Cara had thought, Eddie is just seventeen days away from becoming an elder!
09-09-14_6-02 PM-2 09-09-14_6-02 PM With his money, they were able to build a small house with a roof and walls and some furniture. 09-09-14_6-39 PM-2 09-09-14_6-25 PM-2 09-09-14_6-39 PM-3
The rest of the day they spend talking and looking for frogs, stones and rocks, and fishing. Anything to bring in some more money.09-09-14_6-44 PM 09-09-14_6-31 PMBecause Eddie kept rejecting all romantic interactions, he had to have his own bed as well (I only realised that that night when they went to bed and kept waking up to allow the other in the bed).09-09-14_7-12 PM 09-09-14_7-13 PM-2 09-09-14_7-13 PM 09-09-14_7-14 PM-2

The next day was a day off for the both of them, and they spend the whole day socialising, doing romantic interactions like saying the other person is looking good and feeling bad about saying it. It took them the better part of  the day Eddie moved in and the next day for him to be able to ask her to be engaged. He asked her in the bathroom because that is of course the most romantic part of the whole house. Cara accepted.09-09-14_7-15 PMCara then asked Eddie to marry her right there and then. He said yes.09-09-14_7-18 PM-2Right after their beautiful bathroom wedding, Cara went online, to the adoption site. adoptThere were several children needing a new home, but they only had room for one of them, so they had to make a hard decision on which child would be welcomed into this small family. They decided to choose Alvin, a small baby boy.09-09-14_7-21 PMWhile Cara went to pick Alvin up at the orphanage, Eddie had decided that with a child in their home, they needed to have a stable income and became a painter. He immediately started to practice.09-09-14_7-27 PM-3 09-09-14_7-27 PMCara and Eddie already felt a deep love for the little Alvin, but they felt like it would be great if he would have a smaller brother or sister without a big difference in age. That night, they tried their best to make that younger sibling for him.09-09-14_7-42 PM-2 09-09-14_7-42 PMFor their new child(ren?), there would have to be a room just for them, a room to sleep and play in. Eddie couldn’t wait till there would actually be children playing in it.



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